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Saturday, April 13, 2013

Tiger Woods: Cheats Again!

Attention PGA Tour: your rules are ridiculous. Your sport is so in love with its own honor code that it's blind to how ridiculous the code is. And those people calling for Tiger to withdraw to preserve his honor, that is ridiculous. Tiger Woods honor was ruined when he banged his way across America despite being married and a father. I suppose you mean his golf honor, but he has probably cheated at golf at some point in his adult life unknowingly or knowingly. SO really you mean his PGA tour honor. But he hand selects the tournaments that he plays in and routinely loses his s*** during tournaments on national television. SO I guess you REALLY mean his Masters honor. Ok. So to preserve his Masters tournament honor, Tiger has to withdraw, to uphold the sanctity of the Masters. Let's keep in mind that this is a tournament held at a club that wouldn't allow non-whites to play at it until 1990! hahaha
Just shut up. He dropped the ball a little too far from his initial shot. (A shot that he got robbed on, by the way. Maybe he should ask for the pin to be taken out before every shot. Would that be honorable)? Who cares? Did it materially assist him to win the tournament? Did he knowingly break the rules? NO! Heck he indicted himself in his post-match interview--clearly he didn't know that what he'd done was wrong.
P.S. A 1-stroke penalty on a 14-year-old boy for slow play? Don't let a 14-year-old play in the tournament if you're worried about pace of place! He hits his 7-iron as far most tour pros hit their sand wedge!
ugh...I hope Tiger wins, and then eats his championship dinner off the table...3 feet from his plate.

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